There are 50 children that are waiting on rescue from the most horrendous situations that a child could ever endure.

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We provide excellent restorative aftercare in our homes for boys and girls who have been rescued through our network of professional organizations rescuing children from brothels, red light districts, and sex slavery or exploitation.

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As a full-spectrum rescue organization and aftercare home we work with agencies in reintegrating girls that have been trafficked back into their families or communities.

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Thrive Rescue Homes She has a name, she has a face and she has a story to tell.

Pattaya Thailand is a city known as the 'world capitol for child sex trafficking', Jeremy & Jenifer Kraus were heartbroken as they visited this city. The heart-wrenching faces of children trapped in sex trafficking would leave their mark on their hearts forever.

As we walked the streets of Pattaya we knew "we must do something, no matter the cost. After all, these children are NOT for sale, they are PRICELESS."

At Thrive Rescue Homes, our specialized restoration of these boys & girls is our heartbeat. Our children receive medical care, counseling, schooling and most importantly are cared for and loved.

Together with volunteers, partners and YOU we are bringing hope and restoration to these young boys & girls trapped in an invisible cage.

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Become a Rescuer!

Thrive Rescuers are an elite team of individuals (YOU) that are committed to providing rescue and restoration to survivors of child sex trafficking in TWO nations.

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Here are 10 fun things you may have not known about the Rescue Home.

Written by Jenifer Kraus  /  Published on Friday, 24 October 2014

1. The Thrive home is where BOTH rescued boys and girls, ages 6-16, call home.






2. Rice is a staple for every meal and the kids at Thrive eat over 100 pounds per month!





3. One of the favorite activities of the younger kids is jumping on the trampoline.






4. The safe-home provides a home atmosphere, with each area of the home designed to inspire different things like, relaxation, creative p
rocess, and play.


5. We have a pet turtle named snappy. He has ran away twice, but we found him and he was returned home safely.

6. In Thailand, school days are long. The Thrive kids wake up at 5am for school and don't get home until about 5pm.

7. Even though we have a lot of children, the house sparkles clean, the walls are always freshly painted. The kids find comfort in the stability of a clean and well maintained home.

8. One of the favorite pastimes of the kids is picking mangos

9. The girls favorite song to belt out at the top of their lungs is, "Let It Go".

10. The boys at Thrive love practicing their Muay Thai skills on a punching bag and playing football.