There are 50 children that are waiting on rescue from the most horrendous situations that a child could ever endure.

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We provide excellent restorative aftercare in our homes for boys and girls who have been rescued through our network of professional organizations rescuing children from brothels, red light districts, and sex slavery or exploitation.

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As a full-spectrum rescue organization and aftercare home we work with agencies in reintegrating girls that have been trafficked back into their families or communities.

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Thrive Rescue Homes She has a name, she has a face and she has a story to tell.

Pattaya Thailand is a city known as the 'world capitol for child sex trafficking', Jeremy & Jenifer Kraus were heartbroken as they visited this city. The heart-wrenching faces of children trapped in sex trafficking would leave their mark on their hearts forever.

As we walked the streets of Pattaya we knew "we must do something, no matter the cost. After all, these children are NOT for sale, they are PRICELESS."

At Thrive Rescue Homes, our specialized restoration of these boys & girls is our heartbeat. Our children receive medical care, counseling, schooling and most importantly are cared for and loved.

Together with volunteers, partners and YOU we are bringing hope and restoration to these young boys & girls trapped in an invisible cage.

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Become a Rescuer!

Thrive Rescuers are an elite team of individuals (YOU) that are committed to providing rescue and restoration to survivors of child sex trafficking in TWO nations.

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Written by Kaylie Wilson  /  Published on Wednesday, 08 July 2015

Many times, I get worried that I've become desensitized from constantly being around all of this injustice. It's nights like tonight that remind me I will never ever get used to the horrid nefarious crimes that occur and I will always utilize that passionate pain into a lifetime purpose. It felt like a movie as we took two of our Justice School to a the red-light distric to see another organization play with a live band (that played Christian music) in the middle of the bars and brothels. Johns and those being exploited were continuing business as "normal"... but every once in awhile a few girls or lady-boys would come and join in, jumping and laughing as we talked and forgot about where we were for a few seconds.

As we spoke to our new friends, two little girls just shy of 4 and 6 years old were walking down the street- waving at the johns and selling mints; their watcher looking and making sure they were luring potential buyers of the candy or the "other" items for sale. We called them over and started asking them fun questions to keep them busy. I went and bought some watermelon to share with them. They laughed, we made funny faces and they showed us they could jump off the steps. They were being children... for our two male students with us, it was so incredible to watch these girls not have to think it was "work" time. Yet when they would turn around and realize where they still were and that johns were at the bars... they would go over, do their poses, waves and rub against their legs. We kept them for as long as we could until their owner became frustrated and called them away.

My heart broke. You see, I always forget about this feeling until I'm in these situations again...the complicated and confusing game of joy and sorrow one beat after another within my heart. As we get into the next week of The Justice School,our students will learn about RESCUE. I am beyond blessed and thankful to be working with an organization that works competently and purposefully to adequately aid in the conducting of proper investigations, raids and rescues which filter in to top quality restoration and aftercare. I pray this injustice makes you move.

If you would like to sponsor one of our rescued children or help fund a specific program (ie, play therapy, music therapy, feeding program, new boys safe home, prevention and research, etc) - please click here